Allgemein Users Outraged Over 50% Withdrawal Fees

• Consumers are complaining about high withdrawal fees on
• Users have taken to social media to seek assistance from the company
•’s CEO, Kris Marszalek, has yet to comment on the issue

Complaints About High Withdrawal Fees On users are voicing their complaints about the high withdrawal fees they are facing when attempting a transaction or transfer using the app. Despite having its workforce reduced by 20% at the beginning of the year, it seems that is still experiencing some delays in service which is causing customers to be faced with higher fees than expected and leading them to take action on social media platforms such as Twitter in order to seek assistance and find out why this is happening.

Yogi 83’s Complaint

One user, Yogi 83, said he had invested $50 in a particular coin several weeks ago when it was performing well but upon going back into his account to check how much he would receive if he sold it he found that would charge him $60 in selling fees – 38%, much higher than what he had anticipated and prompting him to express his frustration on Twitter directed at CEO Kris Marszalek who has yet to reply or discuss what could be causing these issues.

Trading Buzz’s Complaint

Another user Trading Buzz took to Twitter questioning whether there were technical problems due to the 50% withdrawal fee he encountered when trying to withdraw some of his funds from his account. He asked for an answer from but hasn’t received one so far either, adding further speculation as to what could be causing these abnormal fees being charged by the platform.

Comparison To FTX Exchange

As both companies are privately owned exchanges based internationally, many people have been making comparisons between Crypto. com and FTX – one of its more prominent competitors – which recently experienced a huge downturn due largely in part because they were unable honor customer request withdrawals which caused a great deal of disruption across the market as a whole and left many investors feeling very concerned about entrusting their money with crypto-based companies again after such an incident occurred so close together with another major exchange platform .


Overall there appears confusion among consumers as too why they are being charged such high withdrawal fees when attempting transactions through however no official statement has been given as yet from CEO Kris Marszalek nor does anyone know for certain why this is occurring but hopefully soon some answers will be provided for those looking for clarification regarding this issue .