GPT & NVIR Gain Global Attention: Top MEXC Crypto Search Results

• The global banking crisis has sparked interest in alternative investments, such as Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).
• According to Google Trends, interest in cryptocurrency is growing with more people searching for “crypto” than “bitcoin.”
• MEXC announced its latest ranking, with GPT and NVIR by NvirWorld topping the spot search volume rankings.

Interest in Cryptocurrency Spikes Amid US Banking Crisis

The global banking crisis has sparked increased interest in alternative investments, such as Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). According to Google Trends, more people are organically searching for “crypto” over “bitcoin,” indicating a rise in understanding of cryptocurrency markets. To analyze global search volume for cryptocurrencies, popular exchange MEXC recently released its latest ranking.

GPT and NVIR Top MEXC Search Results

MEXC is a crypto exchange that offers 1,525 coins for trading across 200 countries and 6 million users — currently ranked 10th out of 239 by CoinMarketCap (CMC). In their latest rankings, GPT topped the spot search volume rankings while NVIR by NvirWorld came second. This indicates that GPT and NVIR are gaining traction and influence within the blockchain/crypto markets.

What Are GPT & NVIR?

GPT is inspired by OpenAI’s powerful language model known as Chat GPT — it uses this model as-is to show how much attention generative AI has gained globally. It was quickly listed on seven exchanges at 11 p.m., U.S time on Mar 10th 2021 including Bitfinex, Bybit & Bitget – now trading on 25 exchanges per CMC data. Meanwhile, NVIR is emerging in DeFi & DEX through its hybrid decentralized exchange “INNODEX.”


As the world of blockchain/cryptocurrency continues to evolve rapidly, investors need to keep up with trends & developments if they want to make informed decisions about investing in this market. In particular, the recent popularity of GPT & NVIR shows that there are many interesting projects which may be worth looking into if you’re considering investing in crypto/blockchain assets!

Tips For Investing In Crypto

When investing in cryptocurrency or any other asset class it’s always important to do your research first! Make sure you understand what you’re investing in before committing any money – read up on technical analysis & use tools like CoinMarketCap (CMC) for price tracking/comparisons between different coins/tokens etc… Additionally it’s also wise to diversify your portfolio across multiple assets as well as set realistic investment goals which will help guide your decision making process when selecting which coins/tokens you want included within your portfolio!