Invest in AI: InQubeta Presale Gaining Momentum

• The InQubeta presale has raised over $1.9 million and early investors stand to benefit at the end of the presale.
• European tech company executives are urging the EU to reconsider some of the regulations it plans to impose on AI developers.
• The AI industry is rapidly growing and will continue to improve in the coming decades, providing major opportunities for investors.

InQubeta Presale Raises Over $1.9 Million

The ongoing InQubeta presale has raised over $1.9 million, with early investors standing to benefit at the end of the presale as QUBE prices increase at each stage. QUBE is the native token of InQubeta, which directs capital to startups that need money while opening up investment opportunities to anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet.

EU Urged To Reconsider Its Regulations On AI

European tech company executives are urging the European Union (EU) to reconsider some of the regulations it plans to impose on artificial intelligence (AI) and its developers as they might prevent the region from being competitive. The EU started working on rules governing AI in 2021 and is looking to be first region regulating general-purpose AI like ChatGPT.

Rapid Growth Of AI Industry

The development of artificial intelligence has come a long way in recent years as its viability increases and AI-powered systems play an even more significant role in many industries such as voice recognition tools, search engines like Google using AI for increased accuracy of results, etc. Automation is becoming standard across various industries, creating major opportunities for those who invest in companies that become major players.

Opportunities For Investors

The growth of artificial intelligence technology brings with it huge investment opportunities for those willing and able to capitalize on them, allowing them access exponential returns on their investments. However, not all people have equal access or knowledge required for this kind of investment which could lead to inequality or imbalances down the line if not addressed properly by governments or industry leaders alike.


AI technology is here to stay and only continuing improving in coming decades transforming many industries and people’s lives significantly along with it . Thus it’s important that governments create fair regulation around these technologies so everyone can benefit from them equally without any disadvantages while providing return potentials for investors willing take calculated risks .